Facing Retirement?

Retirement: Exciting? Concerning? A bit of both?

If you’re at this important junction in life, you’ve probably consulted a financial planner to figure out what your nest egg looks like. But there’s so much more to retirement than just dollars and cents.

Have you considered other important facets of this major life change? Folks often step happily into retirement only to stumble over some difficult questions:

Who are you after you retire?  People usually get a sense of self from their jobs – especially teachers, law enforcement officers and medical professionals. It’s not just a career, it’s who they are.

What happened to your social connections? If you’ve mainly socialized with work colleagues, these connections may fade away. As your friends continue on at work, you find yourself on the ‘outside’ and feeling alone.

What’s happening to your relationship with your partner/spouse? If you both retire, 24/7 togetherness will be a BIG change. If your spouse continues to work and ‘”you have nothing to do”, expectations may change regarding home chores. Or perhaps your spouse works from home and now you are invading his/her space and time.

What will you do with all that time on your hands? Depending on your age, health, genes and luck, retirement could last 20 to 30 years. That’s a long time – time enough for a whole new career if you want. 

What’s calling you to get out of bed in the morning? Your job, good or bad, used to be the reason. Now, golf, fishing or other hobbies will take up only so much time. You may feel the need to engage in something that gives a new and deeper purpose to your life.

What’s your plan for exploring these questions? Retirement can be a time for exciting new opportunities, and the freedom to tailor them exactly to your liking. You can discover new challenges, skills and talents – and perhaps even a new calling.

A life coach will help you make a stumble-free transition into retirement through a proven process of awareness, planning, action and evaluation.

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