It’s About Change

Change is at once exciting and daunting – and it comes in different forms:


  • Change may be forced on you without your input. You find yourself out of a job, or surprised by a dissolving relationship. From necessity you must begin to move out of the current situation. However uncomfortable, this could be just the push you need to head into a new and better life.
  • You can initiate change. Perhaps you realize you need to leave a negative situation in your job, close relationship, or neighborhood. The challenge is to create a solid plan for this ‘escape’ that will help ensure a successful transition.
  • Change can just come politely knocking at the door. It may start with a nagging feeling that you want more from life than what is currently present. Maybe your long career is unfulfilling, or retirement is calling. You ask, “What happened to my dreams? Can I create new ones? Where should I go from here?”

Find your sweet spot – the intersection of; where you are doing something you’re good at, you are feeling appreciated, and you are making people’s lives better.

In all these situations, a life coach will help you let go of the past to see the exciting and life affirming new opportunities before you. Together you identify your gifts, passions and values – then set new goals, make new plans, and finally take action.

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