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Listening is a Gift

  Listening is a rare gift you give to someone. With all the noise and distractions in our lives, people do not feel heard. When you give the gift of listening- what you receive in return is greater than the gift you give. This is the start of a talk my wife Dawn...

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Change with the Mourning

The Psalmist said, “Joy comes with the morning” [Psalm 30:5] It is my experience and observation, that change comes with mourning. Change and loss are linked together. They are inseparable, a package deal.  Change can be exciting and accelerating or daunting and...

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What is your reset activity?  When you get out of sorts, or you are lethargic, or stressed, or maybe trying to figure something out or let something go?  Maybe you had a failure or some other set-back.  What do you do to reset or reboot yourself. There are a lot of...

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Purging Stuff

I have been reading a book by Marie Kondo called: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.  It is very interesting.  The essence of her approach is quite simple. Take each item in your hands and ask yourself the question,...

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