Career Angst?

Career causing angst in your life?

Is your current career is no longer meeting your needs and desires? Are you ready to launch into a career but still don’t know ‘what you want to be when you grow up’?

Or perhaps your dream job has now turned into a nightmare. Everything changed due to a new boss, a new coworker, a merger or a thousand other things. How long do you ‘suck it up’? Maybe it will get better, but it probably won’t.

We’re not meant to dally forever searching for the ‘right’ career, or to suffer in our jobs. When career problems cause issues with your health, your relationships, or rob you of joy, it’s time for action.

The work you choose to do is important because it impacts every aspect of your life:

  • Your identity
  • Your lifestyle and where you live
  • Your standing in society
  • Your social networks
  • Your mental health
  • Your physical health
  • Your contribution to society
  • Your financial well being
  • Your time freedom
  • Your family relationships

Career discovery tools and the coaching process provides a means to eliminate career angst.

Figuring out what you want from a career can be daunting. If you’re just starting out, you may not yet fully understand your own values and goals while facing a confusing array of choices and roadblocks. Or maybe it is time to re-evaluate your goals and make a new plan.

A life coach can help you break through to career success. Together, we’ll clarify your values, discover your purpose, identify goals and obstacles, then make a step-by-step action plan. Your coach is there to kindly hold you accountable.

Are you ready to discover how good a ‘well-fitting’ career can feel?

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